About this project

Docker is so hot right now! - Mugatu.

Having trouble getting up and running with Atlassian Confluence and Docker on your host machine? Reach out to your local Docker aficionado and Atlassian products expert to figure out what is needed if this site was not sufficient.

Found a problem with one of the Atlassian Confluence images? Feel free to open a ticket on the docker-atlassian-confluence repository on GitHub, but you should keep a few things in mind:

  1. Use the GitHub issue search to check if your issue has already been reported.
  2. Try to isolate your problem as much as possible, so we can easily test if the issue has been fixed.
  3. Once you are sure the issue is with Select2, and not a third party library, submit a ticket to the repository.

You can find more information on reporting bugs in the contributing guide, including tips on what information to include.

You can find more information on getting involved with docker-atlassian-confluence in the contributing guide.